Used Nissan Patrol Range For Sale


A good-looking, popular four-wheel drive. The Nissan Patrol challenges itself to take on roads and surfaces from snow to mud to off-road to smaller city streets and boasts the ability to tow heavy loads. This makes it the perfect car to take on holiday with you as well as a great car for doing tough work. It is built on a rugged frame to be able to absorb what you need it to do. The Patrol is luxurious and resilient with a massive cargo capacity. Bottom line: a tough, reliable four-wheel drive.


Available in a cab chassis or a wagon, petrol, dual fuel, diesel or turbo diesel, 3ltr, the hard to find 4.2 ltr, 4.5 or 4.8 ltr. This reliable 4x4 will get you anywhere in Australia you want to go towing your caravan, boat, jet ski or trailer. We are constantly carrying factory turbo diesels and intercooled turbo diesels in our inventory.

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